Knowing your limits

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Wave means I am through

Wave means I am through

Do You have a good handle on knowing your limits? As an airshow pilot, knowing my limits means the difference between life and death. For example, at an airshow, I need to drink water all day long and as frequently as I can. If I become dehydrated, then my blood pressure will drop. When this happens, then during high “G” maneuvers, my heart can’t fight the 9 times my weight in gravity. Consequently, I will start to grey out and eventually watch the vision turn into a tunnel. If it get’s really bad, then total blackout occurs. At this point, I only have a couple of seconds before I go “GLOC” which is G induced loss of consciousness. That one is a killer.

All of us have areas in our life where we ought to know where our limits are. If you don’t, then it’s best to “creep up” to the limit very slowly until you figure it out. You probably won’t black out from pulling too many G’s, but not knowing your limits can make a real mess out of your life. Share those limits with others so they have an idea. We, in the airshow community, share just what I stated above to new airshow pilots. It will help keep them alive.

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