As an Airshow Pilot, I have been performing in Airshow events throughout North America since 2002.    I’ve been a pilot since I was 15 years old and an aerobatic pilot since 1996.   I believe that performing as an airshow pilot is the epidome of aviation.  Meaning, if you can fly a highly aerobatic aircraft in extreme aerobatics or in formation aerobatics, you have this whole aviation thing figured out.

Jon performing a fly-by in a Pitts S-1-11B Muscle Biplane.

Currently, my primary sponsor is Hangar 24 Craft Brewery based out of Redlands, California.    What I really like about Hangar 24 is that they are aviation roots based, their President (Ben Cook) is a pilot, and that the atmosphere at the “Tasting Room” is about people coming together to have a drink and just talk.    Interestingly,  I feel so at home at Hangar 24.  Maybe because there is no pretentiousness and that people can be real.   It brings me back to the days when I just would hang out with my friends in my youth and talk.   There is no real business going on, instead, we just visit and talk about our lives.

One of the planes I own and perform in is the Pitts S-1-11B.  It is a Bi-plane type aircraft made of metal, wood, and fabric.  I call it the Hanger 24 Muscle Bi-Plane.   It has 350 Horse Power, climbs at 4,500 feet per minute, and is one of the most maneuverable factory built bi-planes in the world.   When you fly this airplane, it is peer adrenaline and you have to be thinking the entire time.  The second you start day dreaming, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble.  Especially upon landing!   Mainly because you can’t see very much of the outside world with the two wings and that you sit so far back in the aircraft fuselage.

Flying the Hangar 24 Muscle Bi-plane is pure adrenaline! - Jon Melby

I’m excited to be a part of the Hangar 24 team.   I’ve been wanting to be a part of this team for several years because they are just so down to earth.   Although I am close to both small and large corporations with my interactions, working with Hangar 24 is like working with a family.   Nobody really has it all figured out, but we sure enjoy each other’s company!

Have you been to Hangar 24 in either Redlands, California or in Lake Havasu, Arizona?   Here is an opportunity for you to explore either of these two great places!   Of course, only if you are near either location to your home or travels.

We modified the Hangar 24 Muscle Bi-Plane to include a striking color scheme on the aircraft, along with helmet, camera locations, and flight suit to make this the airshow platform that it is.   Very impressive (in my opinion) and I am really happy with all that we do!

Written by jonmelby