Jon Melby

Airshow Pilot, Author, Podcaster, Technologist, Athlete, and Musician.
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Jon performs in the Muscle Bi-Plane and Aerobatic Bonanza
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About Jon Melby

Jon is a professional airshow pilot performing since 2002.   He is an aviation advocate inspiring everyone to pursue their dreams.

With so many people that Jon meets each year, his goal is to find a way to connect with them.   Since Jon has many different interests, he has been able to uniquely connect by having areas in common.  These areas are posted on social media and while attending airshows.

Recent News

VFW Vet Honored with Flyover
VFW Vet Honored with Flyover
On Monday, March 14, 2016, I was honored to participate in a memorial fly-over for a military veteran who recently…
Flying with the USAF
Flying with the USAF
Serving with the USAF My airshow pilot career started when I learned how to control fear at the least levels.  …
Amateurs have no fear
Amateurs have no fear
Do you deal with fear…ever?  If you said “no”, then you are either not human or you are dead.  Fear…